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Key information regarding The Supply Chain Initiative:

Questions and answers on The Supply Chain Initiative

Implementation package

Tools for companies

​Annual compliance survey 

Tools for national associations

Governance Group activities

Decisions of the Governance Group

  • Decision 1: UK and double jeopardy: webpage, PDF
  • Decision 2: UK and compatibility of The Supply Chain Initiative to GSCOP: webpage, PDF (see also Annex I and Annex II)
  • Decision 3: The dispute resolution options foreseen in contracts: webpage, PDF
  • Decision 4: Compatibility of the Belgian Code of Conduct with The Supply Chain Initiative: webpage, PDF (see also Annex I and Annex II - coming soon)
  • Decision 5: Registration of SMEs: webpage, PDF
  • Decision 6: Compatibility of the Italian legislation with the Supply Chain Initiative: webpage, PDF (see also Annex I and Annex II)

Annual Report

Mid-term Review (April 2014)

1st Annual Report (2014)

2nd Annual Report (2015)

3rd Annual Report (2016)

4th Annual Report (2017)

5th Annual Report (2018) - [pages view]

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