Governance Group decision 04/2014 - Compatibility of the Belgian Code of Conduct with The Supply Chain Initiative

The Governance Group received a request from the Belgian agro-food chain platform to recognise the equivalence of the Belgian code of conduct with the EU level Supply Chain Initiative.


Having considered the Principles of Good Practices in Vertical Relationships in the Food Supply Chain, the Framework for the implementation and enforcement of such Principles, we recognise the equivalence of the adapted Belgian code of conduct (See Annex I), based on the compatibility table of national schemes with the EU Initiative (See Annex II).


Brussels, 10 June 2014



I – Belgian code of conduct for fair relationships between suppliers and purchasers
in the agro-food chain, revised 26.03.2014

II – Completed compatibility table of national schemes with The Supply Chain Initiative.




The above decision reflects the Governance Group’s internal discussions on a particular question. It has been made available solely for the purpose of clarifying a specific point of the Framework. It has no legal value.

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