Governance Group decision 02/2013 - UK and compatibility of The Supply Chain Initiative to GSCOP

The Governance Group received a request from the British Retail Consortium to recognise the equivalence of the UK Groceries Supply Code of Practice (GSCOP) with the EU level voluntary initiative. The arguments and more details are expressed in a document sent to the Governance Group (Annex I to this decision).

Having considered the Principles of Good Practices in Vertical relationships in the Food Supply Chain and the Framework for the implementation and enforcement of such Principles, the Governance Group hereby recognises the equivalence of the GSCOP with the voluntary agreement on the basis of the aforementioned document and the table of compatibility of national schemes with the EU initiative (Annex II).

Brussels, 21 June 2013

I – Document from the BRC entitled “Request for formal recognition of the UK groceries supply code of practice (GSCOP) as equivalent to the EU voluntary agreement on B2B practices in the food supply chain” dated 24 May 2013;
II – Compatibility table of national schemes with the EU voluntary initiative.




The above decision reflects the Governance Group’s internal discussions on a particular question. It has been made available solely for the purpose of clarifying a specific point of the Framework. It has no legal value.

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