Supply Chain Initiative – Year 2: Achievements and Perspectives

27 January 2016 (PDF version)

Supply Chain Initiative – Year 2: Achievements and Perspectives

The Supply Chain Initiative (SCI), an initiative aimed at promoting good trading practices in the food supply chain, publishes today its second Annual Report.

Launched in September 2013, the SCI now boasts 379 groups and companies representing over 1,206 national operating companies, who signed up to the Principles of Good Practice and SCI commitments. Two-thirds (68%) of the companies registered are SMEs, a real reflection of success and a key target for the SCI. These figures however, do not include the dozens of SMEs which have so far only registered in national platforms or initiatives inspired by the SCI.

Progress has been significant. In 2015, the number of groups registering more than doubled as compared to last year (377 in Dec 2015 against 164 a year earlier) and the number of registered SMEs tripled (257 as compared to 84). The SCI has had a positive impact in day-to-day dealings in the supply chain, with national food supply chain stakeholder organisations setting up a number of national platforms and other initiatives inspired by or implementing the SCI  in no less than 15 European countries. Out of these, the SCI Governance Group has recognised two regulatory (UK and Italy) and one voluntary (Belgium) schemes as equivalent to the SCI.

The annual compliance survey carried out amongst registered companies shows that the number of complaints lodged and received is slightly higher than last year: 49 com­plaints received compared to 39 last year. This is also a sign that the system is gaining traction. The survey also highlights a high degree of satisfaction with the SCI among respondents: three-quarters of respondents report a good level of satisfaction and 40% are very satisfied. These key survey findings and more are presented in the Second Annual Report.

Plans for 2016 are to further extend the reach of the SCI across the supply chain, communicate the benefits of the SCI and to encourage greater uptake especially by SMEs. The SCI Governance Group will also continue to encourage national stakeholders to adopt the system and to provide active assistance in the development of national platforms or initiatives inspired by the SCI.

The Governance Group therefore encourages all actors in the food supply chain, especially farmers’ organisations, to join the SCI, and call upon all stakeholders for a conti­nuation of a constructive dialogue.


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Note to the Editors:

The Supply Chain Initiative was launched in September 2013 by a group of 7 EU-level associations representing the food and drink industry (FoodDrinkEurope), the branded goods manufacturers (AIM- European Brands Association), the retail sector (the European Retail Round Table (ERRT), EuroCommerce, Euro Coop and Independent Retail Europe), and agricultural traders (CELCAA).

The SCI aims to implement and enforce a set of good practice principles agreed by 11 EU-level organisations, including Copa-Cogeca. Companies subscribe on a voluntary basis to the principle of good practice and a set of commitments to ensure fair treatment of all partners in the food supply chain. The SCI is designed to ensure that registered companies respect their commitments towards other market operators and benefit from a set of dispute resolutions options.

For any questions on the Principles of Good Practice or past activities of the SCI, please contact the organisations.