Press Release – The Supply Chain Initiative welcomes the European Commission’s support

In its Communication on ‘Tackling unfair trading practices in the business-to-business food supply chain’ published on 15 July 2014, the European Commission expressed its support to The Supply Chain Initiative.

Roxane Feller and Else Groen, co-Chairs of the Governance Group of the Supply Chain Initiative, commented: “The Governance Group is delighted to see that the Commission expressed such a strong support to the Supply Chain Initiative. We appreciate that the Commission encourages all undertakings and relevant organisations in the food supply chain to sign up to the Supply Chain Initiative, “to show their commitment, build trust in the food supply chain and achieve the critical mass and broad coverage such schemes require to be effective”. The Governance Group welcomes this call to join and hopes it will be heard by all stakeholders.”

The signatory organisations of the SCI took note of the Commission’s suggestions to increase SME participation and encourage the establishment of national platforms. At the moment, half of the registered companies are SMEs. The Governance Group will continue to reach out to these key beneficiaries and will continue to facilitate the creation and strengthening of national platforms in EU Member States. 

For any questions on the Principles of Good Practice or past activities of the SCI, please contact the organisations.