European Institutions support The Supply Chain Initiative

Since its official launch on the 16 September 2013, 'The Supply Chain Initiative - Together for good trading practices' is getting an increasing support from the institutions of the European Union. 

In its Conclusions from 3 December, the Competitiveness Council fully welcomes the Initiative. The Council not only invites all stakeholders to take part in it, but also calls the “European Commission together with stakeholders to assess the effects and application of the Principles of Good practice established in the Initiative and report to the Council in 2015”.

Shortly afterwards, the European Parliament followed and expressed its support to The Supply Chain Initiative in MEP De Jong's Report adopted on 11 December. The Resolution on the European Retail Action Plan for the benefit of all actors welcomes the Action Plan from the European Commission adopted in January 2012 and setting out the strategy to improve the competitiveness of the retail sector and to enhance the sector’s economic, environmental and social performance. Mr de Jong’s report supports the European Retail Action Plan as a means of helping the sector to take better advantage of the single market.

The Rapporteur of the European Parliament clearly states in the explanatory statement that he is “not convinced of the effectiveness of a purely legislative approach” to deal with unfair trading practices. Based on this, the reports acknowledges the values of the Supply Chain Initiative aimed at promoting the respect of good practice principles in trading relations and encouraging businesses to resort to cheaper, quicker and less adversarial dispute resolution options. The reports also supports the whole Supply Chain Initiative, and more precisely the Principles and the Framework for the implementation and enforcement.

The European Parliament also calls on the European Commission to “review the practical effects of the voluntary initiative, including the enforcement of the principles of good practice, within one year of its entry into force”.

Therefore both the Council and the European Parliament are clearly backing The Supply Chain Initiative and call on giving it enough time to reinforce fair trading practices in the food supply chain and to generate a true culture change in commercial dealings.

For further information:

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