By joining The Supply Chain Initiative every company is required to respect and adhere to the principles of good practice in trading relations and to respond to a number of process requirements which includes a commitment to provide training to employees on the principles of good practice. 

In response to this SAI Global has developed the online training programme.‘Principles of Good Practice in the Food Supply Chain’ designed to provide employees with a thorough understanding of the principles and how they can integrate these into their daily operations. Endorsed by the Governance Group our e-learning course offers you an easy, cost effective way to train your employees on these principles.

On completion of the interactive course you will:

  • Be able to identify the Principles of Good Practice
  • Recognise unfair trading practices and the need to eliminate them
  • Know how the principles relate to the existing legal framework
  • Demonstrate an immediate awareness and understanding of the principles and what constitutes fair and unfair practice
  • Understand the process of signing up to the principles
  • Be aware of the penalties of non-compliance
  • Understand the dispute resolution process 

Quick facts

  • Endorsed by the Governance Group
  • Cost effective license model. To enable SMEs to train their staff at a low cost, there is a special rate for training 1-10 persons
  • Engaging and interactive scenarios designed to challenge attitudes and impart knowledge
  • Secure hosted delivery
  • Approx 35 mins to complete
  • Incorporates a knowledge check and certification of completion
  • Provides comprehensive reporting and an accurate audit trail   
  • Available in English, French, German, Polish, Spanish, Italian, Czech and Dutch.

How do I get started?  

Accessing the course for review purposes couldn’t be easier. Simply email SAI and they will send you your own personal log in. Should you wish to licence the course from SAI for training purposes within your organisation they will be able to provide you with details of the associated fees, which have been agreed in advance with the Governance Group. If you already have log in details, you can access the learning platform here.

About SAI Global

SAI Global Compliance provides organisations with a wide range of governance, risk and compliance (GRC) products, solutions and services that help build organisational integrity and effectively manage compliance risk. Including an award winning approach to building effective compliance training solutions. www.saiglobal.com/compliance

SAI Assurance division also provides a range of value added supply chain management services to the retail agricultural food sector.

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