The Supply Chain Initiative is seeking an external chairperson

The Supply Chain Initiative (SCI) is seeking an external, chairperson to lead its work and chair its Governance Group.

The SCI promotes fair business practices as a basis for commercial dealings in the food supply chain. This is based on ten core principles of good practice, a framework for implementing those principles in daily company business, and preventing and addressing disputes in a fair and transparent manner.  So far, more than 1,200 companies in the food supply chain, large and small, have registered with the SCI. In doing so, every company has committed to respect the principles of good practice in trading relations and to respond to a number of requirements aimed at integrating the principles into its day-to-day operations.

The SCI was developed in 2013 as a joint initiative by 8 European associations representing the food and drink industry (FoodDrinkEurope), the branded goods manufacturers (AIM), retailers (EuroCommerce, EuroCoop, the European Retail Round Table, and Independent Retail Europe), small and medium-sized enterprises (UEAPME), and agricultural traders (CELCAA).  Initially steered at EU level, the initiative has led to the creation of a number of national initiatives, platforms, codes, and regulations that promote and govern trading practices in each EU country.

The SCI is led and managed by a Governance Group, composed of representatives from these organisations. So far, two of its members, one on behalf of food manufacturers and one on behalf of retailers, have chaired the group. To reinforce its effectiveness, expertise and independence, the SCI wishes to have an external, independent chairperson.

The chair will oversee the activities of the SCI, including:

  • chairing meetings of the SCI Governance Group (4-6 per year);
  • addressing complaints, establishing facts, hearing parties and subsequently requiring companies to take steps to comply or explain;
  • issuing guidance or recommendations on the principles of good practice;
  • promoting the SCI externally.

The post will involve a commitment of about 20 days a year, principally in Brussels, but with some travel in Europe.

The chairperson will have significant experience and an exceptional track record in adjudication, mediation or arbitration of commercial relations, preferably in the food supply chain. He or she must be fluent in English; other European languages are an asset.

For more information about the SCI and its activities, please contact Jessica Imbert (jimbert@eurocoop.coop)

Applications should be addressed to Mella Frewen and Else Groen, co-chairs of the SCI at info@supplychaininitiative.eu. Deadline for applications: 30th April 2017.

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