Governance Group

Governance is ensured by a Governance Group representative of the entire food supply chain. The composition of the Governance Group reflects the different interests of the chain. The number of representatives for each interest group reflects its diversity. Companies’ representatives may not be appointed as representatives in the Governance Group to avoid conflicts of interest. The interest groups and maximum number of representatives are:

Farmers and agri-cooperatives 4*
Agricultural traders 1
Food and drink industry 4
Brands 1
Retail 4
A cross-cutting group representing SMEs 1

The Governance Group is responsible for coordinating the actions of The Supply Chain Initiative, following the procedures foreseen in the Rules of Procedure, adopted unanimously in January 2013.





Frewen, Mella (co-chair/industry) Director General FoodDrinkEurope
Dollet, Evelyne Deputy Director, Economic Affairs FoodDrinkEurope
Galaski, Alain Director General AIM – European Brands Association
Ivanov, Todor Secretary-General Euro Coop – European Community of Consumer Co-operatives
Groen, Else (co-chair/retail) Director General Independent Retail Europe
Kelly, Paul Director FDII – Food and Drink Industry of Ireland
  Director General ERRT – European Retail Round Table
Rouhier, Pascale Secretary-General Celcaa - the European Liaison Committee for Agricultural and Agri-Food Trade
Verschueren, Christian Director General EuroCommerce
Weiker, Christine Secretary General ECSLA - UEAPME (European Association of Craft, Small and Medium-sized Enterprises) is an Observer
Farmers and agri-cooperatives These seats have been reserved for the associations representing farmers and agri-cooperatives if and when they join the framework. 


Mella Frewen and Else Groen, co-Chairs of the Governance Group

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